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Our pre-movers data has already proved an invaluable marketing tool to our clients in a range of sectors.

People who move house require a wide range of financial products including mortgages, loans, credit cards, life insurance and home insurance. Pre-movers are now more likely than ever to shop around for the right product.

It is estimated that mortgage lenders lose 50% of their customers at the point of move.

Our pre-movers can help with:

  • Customer Retention
    The data can be compared with an exisiting mortgage customer list to identify those existing mortgage customers who are about to move and may defect to a competitor.
  • Cross-selling
    The data can be compared with a list of non-mortgage customers of either the brand or other group brands to identify people who are loyal to a group and require a mortgage or other financial products.
  • Customer acquisition
    The data can be used to acquire new customers at a time when they are actively looking for the product.